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ADO InfoMessage Event

❮ Complete Connection Object Reference

An event is a subroutine that can be called automatically after a specific operation has occurred.

The InfoMessage event can be fired if a warning occurs in a connection operation.


InfoMessage objerror,status,objconn

Parameter Description
objerror An Error object that contains the errors that are returned
status An EventStatusEnum value. If a warning occurs, status is set to adStatusOK and the objerror contains the warning
objconn A Connection object. The connection for which the warning occurred

EventStatusEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adStatusOK 1 The operation that fired the event was successful
adStatusErrorsOccurred 2 The operation that fired the event failed
adStatusCantDeny 3 Cannot cancel the pending operation
adStatusCancel 4 Cancels the operation that fired the event
adStatusUnwantedEvent 5 Prevents subsequent notifications before the event method has finished executing

❮ Complete Connection Object Reference