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ADO EndOfRecordset Event

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference

An event is a subroutine that can be called automatically after a specific operation has occurred.

The EndOfRecordset event is triggered when you try to move to a record after the last record in a Recordset. This event can occur if the record pointer is at the end of the Recordset and the MoveNext method is called.

Tip: You can use this event to retrieve more records from a database and append them to the end of the Recordset, and then repeat the MoveNext call.

Note: Before this method returns, set the status parameter to adStatusUnwantedEvent to prevent subsequent notifications.



Parameter Description

A boolean value that if true it allows to append more data to the end of the Recordset


An EventStatusEnum value that indicates the status of the execution of the event

objrs The name of the Recordset Object that triggered this event

EventStatusEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adStatusOK 1 The operation that caused the event was successful
adStatusErrorsOccurred 2 The operation that caused the event failed
adStatusCantDeny 3 The operation that caused the event cannot be cancelled
adStatusCancel 4 The operation that caused the event is cancelled
adStatusUnwantedEvent 5 Prevents subsequent notifications before the event method has finished executing

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference