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ADO The WillChangeRecord and RecordChangeComplete Events

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference

The WillChangeRecord Event

The WillChangeRecord event is triggered before one or more record changes.

Note: Before this event returns, set the status parameter to adStatusCancel to cancel the operation that caused this event or set it to adStatusUnwantedEvent to prevent subsequent notications.

The RecordChangeComplete Event

The RecordChangeComplete event is triggered after one or more record have been changed.

Note: Before this method returns, set the status parameter to adStatusUnwantedEvent to prevent subsequent notifications.

Note: The WillChangeRecord event or the RecordChangeComplete event may occur if you change a field in a record using one of the following Recordset operations: Update, Delete, CancelUpdate, AddNew, UpdateBatch, and CancelBatch.


WillChangeRecord reason,numrec,status,objRs

RecordChangeComplete reason,numrec,objErr,status,objRs

Parameter Description
reason An EventReasonEnum value that specifies the reason for this event
numrec Indicates the number of records affected
status An EventStatusEnum value that indicates the status of the execution of the event
objErr The name of an Error object that describes the error if status is set to adStatusErrorsOccurred, otherwise it is not set
objRs The name of the Recordset Object that triggered this event

EventReasonEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adRsnAddNew 1 An operation added a new record
adRsnDelete 2 An operation deleted a record
adRsnUpdate 3 An operation updated an existing record
adRsnUndoUpdate 4 An operation reversed the update of a record
adRsnUndoAddNew 5 An operation reversed the addition of a new record
adRsnUndoDelete 6 An operation reversed the deletion of a record
adRsnFirstChange 11 An operation made the first change to a record

EventStatusEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adStatusOK 1 The operation that caused the event was successful
adStatusErrorsOccurred 2 The operation that caused the event failed
adStatusCantDeny 3 The operation that caused the event cannot be cancelled
adStatusCancel 4 The operation that caused the event is cancelled
adStatusUnwantedEvent 5 Prevents subsequent notifications before the event method has finished executing

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference