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ADO Open Method

❮ Complete Record Object Reference

The Open method opens an existing Record object or creates a new file or directory.



Parameter Description
source Optional. The source parameter may be one of the following:
  • An absolute url
  • A relative url
  • An open Recordset
  • Another Record object
  • A Command object
  • An SQL SELECT statement
  • A table name
actconn Optional. A connection string or a Connection object
mode Optional. A ConnectModeEnum value, that indicates the access mode of the Record object. Default is adModeUnknown
createopt Optional. A RecordCreateOptionsEnum value, that indicates whether an existing file/directory should be opened, or a new file/directory should be created. Default is adFailIfNotExists. This parameter will be ignored if the source parameter is not a URL
opt Optional. One or more RecordOpenOptionsEnum values, that specifies the options for opening the Record. Default is adOpenRecordUnspecified
username Optional. A user ID that authorizes access to source
psword Optional. A password that verifies the username


Example 1: source as the URL of a folder:

set rec = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.record")

Example 2: source as a relative URL in a Connection object:

set conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
set rec = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.record")
conn.Open "URL=https://www.w3schools.com/asp/"
rec.Open("test.doc", conn)

Example 3: source as a row in a Recordset object:

set rs = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")
set rec = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.record")
rs.Open "test.doc", "URL=https://www.w3schools.com/asp/",,,adCmdTableDirect

ConnectModeEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adModeUnknown 0 Default. Permissions have not been set or cannot be determined
adModeRead 1 Read-only
adModeWrite 2 Write-only
adModeReadWrite 3 Read/write
adModeShareDenyRead 4 Prevents others from opening a connection with read permissions
adModeShareDenyWrite 8 Prevents others from opening a connection with write permissions
adModeShareExclusive 12 Prevents others from opening a connection
adModeShareDenyNone 16 Allows others to open a connection with any permissions
adModeRecursive 0x400000 Used with adModeShareDenyNone, adModeShareDenyWrite, or adModeShareDenyRead to set permissions on all sub-records of the current Record

RecordCreateOptionsEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adFailIfNotExists -1 Default. Fails if the source parameter points to a node that not exists
adCreateNonCollection 0 Creates a new Record of type adSimpleRecord
adCreateCollection 0x2000 Creates a new Record specified by the source parameter. If it points to an existing node, an error will occur. To prevent the error combine this value with adOpenIfExists or adCreateOverwrite
adOpenIfExists 0x2000000 If the source points to an existing node or Record object, then the provider must open the existing Record instead of creating a new one. This value cannot be used with adCreateOverwrite
adCreateOverwrite 0x4000000 If the source points to an existing node or Record, then the existing Record will be overwritten and a new one is created in its place. This value cannot be used with adOpenIfExists
adCreateStructDoc 0x80000000 Creates a new Record of type adStructDoc

RecordOpenOptionsEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adOpenRecordUnspecified -1 Default. No options are specified
adOpenAsync 0x1000 Opens the Record object in asynchronous mode
adDelayFetchStream 0x4000 The default stream associated with the Record need not be retrieved initially
adDelayFetchFields 0x8000 The fields associated with the Record need not be retrieved initially, but can be retrieved at the first attempt to access the field
adOpenExecuteCommand 0x10000 The source contains command text that should be executed
adOpenOutput 0x800000 If the source points to a node that contains an executable script, then the opened Record will contain the results of the executed script. This value is only valid with non-collection records

❮ Complete Record Object Reference