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ADO CancelBatch Method

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference

The CancelBatch method cancels a batch update. The Recordset must be in batch update mode when calling this method.

Since you do not know what the current record will be after calling this property, you will have to move to a known record. For example, you could call the MoveFirst or MoveLast method, after a call to this method.

If this method fails, the provider will not stop the execution, but it will send a warning to the Errors Collection. 


objRecordset.CancelBatch affectrec

Parameter Description
affectrec Optional. An AffectEnum value that indicates which records this method will affect

AffectEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adAffectCurrent 1 Affects only the current record
adAffectGroup 2 Affects only records that satisfy the Filter setting (Filter must be set to a FilterGroupEnum value or an array of Bookmarks)
adAffectAll 3 Affects all records if there is no Filter. Affects only visible records in the current chapter if Filter is set to a string criteria. Affect all rows of the Recordset if Filter is set to a FilterGroupEnum value or an array of Bookmarks
adAffectAllChapters 4 Affects all records in all child Recordset, including those hidden by a currently applied filter

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference