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ADO Supports Method

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference

The Supports method returns a boolean value that defines whether or not a Recordset object supports a specific type of functionality. 

Note: This method returns true if the specified feature is supported, false if not.



Parameter Description
cursoroptions Required. One or more CursorOptionEnum values that specifies what functionality this method should test for


Constant Value Description
adHoldRecords 0x100 Retrieves more records or changes the next position without committing all pending changes
adMovePrevious 0x200 Supports the MoveFirst and MovePrevious methods, and Move or GetRows methods
adBookmark 0x2000 Supports the Bookmark property
adApproxPosition 0x4000 Supports the AbsolutePosition and AbsolutePage properties
adUpdateBatch 0x10000 Supports UpdateBatch and CancelBatch methods
adResync 0x20000 Supports the Resync method
adNotify 0x40000 Indicates that the data provider supports notifications (which determines whether Recordset events are supported)
adFind 0x80000 Supports the Find method
adIndex 0x100000 Supports the Index property
adSeek 0x200000 Supports the Seek method
adAddNew 0x1000400 Supports the AddNew method
adDelete 0x1000800 Supports the Delete method
adUpdate 0x1008000 Supports the Update method

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference