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ADO HelpContext Property

❮ Complete Error Object Reference

The HelpContext property returns a long value that is the context ID of a topic in the Microsoft Windows help system.

This property allows you to interact with the Windows help system, i.e. you can call the Windows API Help functions.

The HelpContext property returns zero if you do not have access to interact with the Windows help system.




for each objErr in objConn.Errors
  response.write("Description: ")
  response.write(objErr.Description & "<br>")
  response.write("Help context: ")
  response.write(objErr.HelpContext & "<br>")
  response.write("Help file: ")
  response.write(objErr.HelpFile & "<br>")
  response.write("Native error: ")
  response.write(objErr.NativeError & "<br>")
  response.write("Error number: ")
  response.write(objErr.Number & "<br>")
  response.write("Error source: ")
  response.write(objErr.Source & "<br>")
  response.write("SQL state: ")
  response.write(objErr.SQLState & "<br>")

❮ Complete Error Object Reference