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ADO Filter Property

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference

The Filter property sets or returns a variant that contains a filter for the data in a Recordset object. The filter allows you to select records that fit a specific criteria.

The Filter property can contain one of the following:

Examples of a criteria string:

  • rs.Filter="Lastname='Smith'"
  • rs.Filter="Lastname='Smith' AND Birthdate >= #4/10/70#"
  • rs.Filter="Lastname='Jonson' OR Lastname='Johnson'"
  • rs.Filter= "Lastname LIKE 'Jon*'"
  • rs.Filter="[Company Name]='Alfred Futterkiste' OR Orders>$300.00"

Example of an array of bookmarks:

dim fname(10)

When the Filter property is set, the cursor moves to the first record in the filtered Recordset. And, when the Filter property is cleared, the cursor moves to the first record in the unfiltered Recordset.



FilterGroupEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adFilterNone 0 Removes the current filter
adFilterPendingRecords 1 Filter that displays only edited records that have not yet been sent to the server
adFilterAffectedRecords 2 Filter that displays only records affected by the last Delete, Resync, UpdateBatch, or CancelBatch call
adFilterFetchedRecords 3 Filter that displays the records in the current cache
adFilterConflictingRecords 5 Filter that displays those records that failed the last batch update

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference