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ADO LockType Property

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference

The LockType property sets or returns a LockTypeEnum value that specifies the type of locking when editing a record in a Recordset. Default is adLockReadOnly. This property is read/write on a closed Recordset and read-only on an open Recordset.

Note: Set this property before opening the Recordset.

Note: Not all providers support all lock types. If the requested LockType setting is not supported, the provider will choose another type of locking. You can use the Supports method to determine the actual locking functionality available in a Recordset object.

Note: adLockPessimistic is not supported if CursorLocation is set to adUseClient.




set conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
set rs=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")
sql="SELECT * FROM Customers"


rs.Open sql,conn


LockTypeEnum Values

Constant Value Description
adLockUnspecified -1 Unspecified type of lock. Clones inherits lock type from the original Recordset.
adLockReadOnly 1 Read-only records
adLockPessimistic 2 Pessimistic locking, record by record. The provider lock records immediately after editing
adLockOptimistic 3 Optimistic locking, record by record. The provider lock records only when calling update
adLockBatchOptimistic 4 Optimistic batch updates. Required for batch update mode

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference