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ADO Status Property

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference

The Status property returns one or more RecordStatusEnum value that indicates the status of the current record with regard to batch updates or other bulk operations.




Constant Value Description
adRecOK 0 Record successfully updated
adRecNew 0x1 Record is new
adRecModified 0x2 Record modified
adRecDeleted 0x4 Record deleted
adRecUnmodified 0x8 Record not modified
adRecInvalid 0x10 Record not saved; invalid bookmark
adRecMultipleChanges 0x40 Record not saved; would have affected multiple records
adRecPendingChanges 0x80 Record not saved; refers to a pending insert
adRecCanceled 0x100 Record not saved; operation was canceled
adRecCantRelease 0x400 New record not saved; existing record was locked
adRecConcurrencyViolation 0x800 Record not saved; optimistic concurrency was in use
adRecIntegrityViolation 0x1000 Record not saved; user violated integrity constraints
adRecMaxChangesExceeded 0x2000 Record not saved; too many pending changes
adRecObjectOpen 0x4000 Record not saved; conflict with an open storage object
adRecOutOfMemory 0x8000 Record not saved; computer has run out of memory
adRecPermissionDenied 0x10000 Record not saved; user has insufficient permissions
adRecSchemaViolation 0x20000 Record not saved; violates the structure of the database
adRecDBDeleted 0x40000 Record already deleted from the data source

❮ Complete Recordset Object Reference