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AWS Cloud Tutorial

AWS HOME AWS Intro AWS Cloud Certification AWS Get Started AWS Cloud Computing AWS Cloud Benefits AWS EC2 Intro AWS EC2 Instance Types AWS EC2 Pricing AWS EC2 Scaling AWS EC2 Auto Scaling AWS Elastic Load Balancing AWS Messaging AWS SNS AWS SQS AWS Serverless AWS Lambda AWS Containers AWS ECS AWS EKS AWS Fargate AWS First Recap AWS Infrastructure AWS Regions AWS Availability Zones AWS Edge Locations AWS Provision AWS Provision Services AWS Elastic Beanstalk AWS CloudFormation AWS Second Recap AWS Networking AWS Connectivity AWS Subnet and Access AWS Global Networking AWS Third Recap AWS Storage and DBs AWS Instance Stores AWS EBS AWS S3 AWS EBS vs S3 AWS Elastic File System AWS RDS AWS DynamoDB AWS DynamoDB vs RDS AWS Redshift AWS DMS AWS Additional DB Services AWS Fourth Recap AWS Cloud Security AWS Shared Responsibility AWS User Access AWS Organizations AWS Cloud Compliance AWS DDoS AWS Other Services AWS Fifth Recap AWS Monitoring and Analytics AWS CloudWatch AWS CloudTrail AWS TrustedAdvisor AWS Sixth Recap AWS Pricing and Support AWS Free Tier AWS Pricing Models AWS Billing Dashboard AWS Consolidated Billing AWS Budgets AWS Cost Explorer AWS Support Plans AWS Marketplace AWS Seventh Recap AWS Migration and Innovation AWS Cloud Adoption Framework AWS Migration Strategies AWS Snow Family AWS Innovation AWS Eight Recap AWS Cloud Journey AWS Well-Architected Framework AWS Cloud Benefits AWS Ninth Recap AWS Exam Preparation

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AWS Fundamentals Java App on AWS Node.js App on AWS Python App on AWS

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Specialize in AWS Fundamentals


W3Schools offers Specializations in collaboration with Coursera.

Build your skills with hands-on training.

Engage in a text and video learning experience.

Learn step-by-step with our instructors.

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W3Schools offers Specializations in collaboration with Coursera.

Learn step-by-step with our instructors.

Build your skills with hands-on training.

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Applied learning
Work hands-on with tools and technologies
Learning Flexibility
Study at your own pace. Be in control of your time
Earn a certificate
Document your knowledge and skills

Specialize in AWS Fundamentals

This Specialization helps you to specialize in AWS Fundamentals.

Learn with subject matter Experts in this applied learning experience.

You will be tutored by:

  • Morgan Willis
  • Rudy Chetty
  • Hong Pham
  • Seph Robinson
  • Rick Hurst
  • Jonathan Dion
  • Adam Becker
  • Bobbie Atristain
  • Wes Gruver

The format is a text and video guided by a trainer.

Modern Application Development with Java on AWS Specialization

Learn the benefits of AWS

Learn to build modern application with Node.JS

Create a database with AWS DynamoDB

AWS sign up page for free tier

What you will learn

  • AWS Cloud Essentials.
  • Concepts of security.
  • Various AWS services.
  • Data storage best practices.

Why get Specialized in AWS Fundamentals

Gain job-relevant skills with flexible and applied learning experiences.

Build competence by learning from subject matter experts.

Increase your employability by adding value to your CV and resume.

Save time and money by taking taking a specialization that costs a fraction of a full qualification, and getting the same results.

How a Specialization Works

Working through a series of courses that help you master a skill.

Try things on your own and pay attention to the instructions given by the trainer.

Video and reading-based learning where you get to work on a hands-on project.

Track your course enrollments and progress in your learner dashboard.

Specialization Overview

Fee: 39 USD per month

Duration: 4 months

Earn a certificate: Yes

Difficulty level: Beginner

Language: English

Format: Text and video

Vendor: Coursera

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Flexible learning experiences

Gain relevant skills at your own pace.

Build your skills bite-sized to better digest and process the learning.

Be in control of your own experience and time.

Apply what you have learned right away!

Earn a certificate

Pass the final quiz and earn your certificate.

Getting a certificate proves your commitment to upgrading your skills.

The certificate can be added as credentials to your CV, Resume, LinkedIn profile, etc.

It gives you the credibility needed for more responsibilities, larger projects, and a higher salary.

Knowledge is power, especially in the current job market.

Documentation of your skills enables you to advance your career or helps you to start a new one.

Specialize in AWS Fundamentals

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