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Django Create App

What is an App?

An app is a web application that has a specific meaning in your project, like a home page, a contact form, or a members database.

In this tutorial we will create an app that allows us to list and register members in a database.

But first, let's just create a simple Django app that displays "Hello World!".

Create App

I will name my app members.

Start by navigating to the selected location where you want to store the app, and run the command below.

If the server is still running, and you are not able to write commands, press [CTRL] [BREAK] to stop the server and you should be back in the virtual environment.

py manage.py startapp members

Django creates a folder named members in my project, with this content:


These are all files and folders with a specific meaning. You will learn about most of them later in this tutorial.

First, take a look at the file called views.py.

This is where we gather the information we need to send back a proper response.

You will learn more about views in the next chapter.