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extends Template Tag


Specify that this template relies on a parent template:

{% extends "mymaster.html" %}

{% block heading %}
  <h2>John Doe</h2>
  <p>Explorer of life</p>
{% endblock %}

{% block cars %}
{% endblock %}
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Definition and Usage

The extends tag is used to specify that this template needs a parent template.

The extends tag takes one argument, which is the name of the parent template.

When a child template with a parent template is requested, Django uses the parent template as a "skeleton" and fills it with content from the child template, according to the matching block tags.


The parent template has blocks that fits the child template's blocks.


<!DOCTYPE html>


{% block heading %}
  <h2>No name</h2>
{% endblock %}

<h2>My Cars</h2>

  {% block cars %}
    <li>No cars</li>
  {% endblock %}

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{% extends parenttemplate %}


Value Description
parenttemplate Required. The name of the parent template. Either a string or a variable.