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jQuery jQuery.support Property

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Test whether the browser can create an XMLHttpRequest object:

  $("p").html("This browser can create XMLHttpRequest object: " + jQuery.support.ajax);
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Definition and Usage

The jQuery.support property contains a collection of properties representing different browser features or bugs.

This property was primarily intended for jQuery’s internal use.



Parameter Description
propvalue Required. Specifies the function to test for. The tests included are:
  • ajax
  • boxModel
  • changeBubbles
  • checkClone
  • checkOn
  • cors
  • cssFloat
  • hrefNormalized
  • htmlSerialize
  • leadingWhitespace
  • noCloneChecked
  • noCloneEvent
  • opacity
  • optDisabled
  • optSelected
  • scriptEval()
  • style
  • submitBubbles
  • tbody

❮ jQuery Properties