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TensorFlow Example 1

Input Data

Reduce Loss


The model above performs 4 important steps:

  • It Collects Data
  • It Prepares Data
  • It Trains a Model
  • It Evaluates the Model

In the next chapters you will learn how to program a copy of the above example.

You will learn how to fetch data, clean data, and plot data.

You will also learn how to build a TensorFlow model, and how to train the model.

Graphics (tfjs-vis)

The graphics is displayed using the tfjs-vis library.

tfjs-vis is a small library for in browser visualization intended for use with TensorFlow.js.

    Main Features are:

  • Graphic tools for visualizing Machine Learning
  • Functions for visualizing TensorFlow Objects
  • Visualizations can be organized in a Visor (a modal browser window)
  • Can be used with Custom Tools likes d3, Chart.js, and Plotly.js