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ASP GetLastError() Method (ASP 3.0)

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The GetLastError method returns an ASPError object that describes the error condition that occurred.

By default, a Web site uses the file \iishelp\common\500-100.asp for processing ASP errors. You can either use this file, or create your own. If you want to change the ASP file for processing the 500;100 custom errors you can use the IIS snap-in.

Note: A 500;100 custom error will be generated if IIS encounters an error while processing either an ASP file or the application's Global.asa file. 

Note: This method is available only before the ASP file has sent any content to the browser.




Example 1

In the example an error will occur when IIS tries to include the file, because the include statement is missing the file parameter:

<!--#include f="header.inc" -->

Example 2

In this example an error will occur when compiling the script, because the "next" keyword is missing:

dim i
for i=1 to 10

Example 3

In this example an error will occur because the script attempts to divide by 0:

dim i,tot,j

for i=1 to 10


❮ Complete Server Object Reference