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ASP Transfer Method

❮ Complete Server Object Reference

The Transfer method sends (transfers) all the state information (all application/session variables and all items in the request collections) created in one ASP file to a second ASP file.

When the second ASP page completes its tasks, it will NOT return to the first ASP page (like the Execute method).

Note: The Transfer method is an efficient alternate for the Response.Redirect. A redirect forces the Web server to handle an extra request while the Server.Transfer method transfers execution to a different ASP page on the server, and avoids the extra round trip.



Parameter Description
path Required. The location of the ASP file to which control should be transferred



response.write("Line 1 in File 1<br>")
response.write("Line 2 in File 1<br>")


response.write("Line 1 in File 2<br>")
response.write("Line 2 in File 2<br>")


Line 1 in File 1
Line 1 in File 2
Line 2 in File 2

Also look at the Server.Execute method to see the difference between the Server.Transfer and Server.Execute methods.

❮ Complete Server Object Reference