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WebSecurity - CreateUserAndAccount()

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The CreateUserAndAccount() method creates a new account in the user database, using user name and password, and optionally lets you specify if the user must explicitly confirm the account.

C# and VB Syntax

WebSecurity.CreateUserAndAccount(username, password, propertyValues, requireConfirmation)


Parameter Type Description
userName String The user name
password String The user password
propertyValues Object A dictionary that contains additional user attributes
requireConfirmation Boolean true if the account must be confirmed using the token return value, default is false.

Return Value

Type Description
String A token that can be sent to the user to confirm the account.


The CreateUserAndAccount() method creates a new entry in the user profile table and then a corresponding entry in the membership table in the WebSecurity database.

You can pass true for requireConfirmationToken parameter to require that the user account must be confirmed by the user. To confirm the account, you get the token as the return value from the CreateUserAndAccount() method.

If you are manually maintaining the user profile table and only want to create a membership table entry for the user, call the CreateAccount() method instead.

Errors and Exceptions

Any access to the WebSecurity object throws an InvalidOperationException if:

  • The InitializeDatabaseConnection() method has not been called
  • SimpleMembership is not initialized (or disabled in the website configuration)

The CreateUserAndAccount() method also throws a MembershipCreateUserException if:

  • The username is empty
  • The username already has a membership account
  • The password is empty
  • The password is too long
  • The database operation failed

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