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WebSecurity - InitializeDatabaseConnection()

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The InitializeDatabaseConnection() method initializes the WebSecurity database.

The method initializes the WebSecurity system by connecting to the database that contains user and membership information.

C# and VB Syntax

WebSecurity.InitializeDatabaseConnection(connectionString, userTableName, userIdColumn, userNameColumn, autoCreateTables)


Parameter Type Description
connectionString String

The name of your WebSecurity database (se remarks)

userTableName String The database table that contains the user profile information
userIdColumn String The database column that contains the user IDs (primary keys)
userNameColumn String The database column that contains the user names
autoCreateTables Boolean true indicates that user profile and membership tables should be created if they do not exist, otherwise false

Return Value



If you are using SQL Server Compact, connectionString should be the name of the WebSecurity database (without the .sdf file name extension). Otherwise it should be the name of a connection string in the web configuration (web.config file).

Even if autoCreateTables can force the database tables to be created automatically, the database itself must always exist.

Errors and Exceptions

The InitializeDatabaseConnection() method throws an InvalidOperationException if:

  • SimpleMembership is not initialized (or disabled in the website configuration)

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