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WebSecurity Property - CurrentUserId

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The CurrentUserId property is the ID (primary key) for the current user in the WebSecurity database.

C# and VB Syntax



Example C#

int value;

<p>Current User ID is: @value</p>

Example VB

Dim value as Integer
End Code

<p>Current User ID is: @value</p>


The CurrentUserId property is read only. It cannot be changed by code.

The property is used to identify the user in the WebSecurity database, both in the user profile table and in the membership table.

Errors and Exceptions

The CurrentUserId property returns -1 if there is no current user logged in.

Any access to the WebSecurity object throws an InvalidOperationException if:

  • The InitializeDatabaseConnection() method has not been called
  • SimpleMembership is not initialized (or disabled in the website configuration)

❮ WebSecurity