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Colors 2017

Every year the Pantone Color Institute evaluates the colors shown by fashion designers at the New York Fashion Week.

This information is used to create The Pantone Color of the Year and the Pantone Fashion Color Report with the top fashion colors for the year:

Color of the Year 2017


HEX: #92B558

Pantone 15-0343

The Hottest Spring Colors 2017

Pantone told us that in the Spring of 2017 we would wear bright and vivid colors  as well as those that convey a sense of earthiness:


HEX: #578CA9

Pantone 17-4123

Primrose Yellow

HEX: #F6D155

Pantone 13-0755

Lapis Blue

HEX: #004B8D

Pantone 19-4045


HEX: #F2552C

Pantone 17-1462

Island Paradise

HEX: #95DEE3

Pantone 14-4620

Pale Dogwood


Pantone 13-1404

Pink Yarrow

HEX: #CE3175

Pantone 17-2034


HEX: #5A7247

Pantone 18-0107


HEX: #CFB095

Pantone 14-1315

The Hottest Fall Colors 2017


HEX: #DC4C46

Pantone 17-1558

Tawny Port

HEX: #672E3B

Pantone 19-1725

Ballet Slipper

HEX: #F3D6E4

Pantone 13-2808


HEX: #C48F65

Pantone 16-1341

Navy Peony

HEX: #223A5E

Pantone 19-4029

Neutral Gray

HEX: #898E8C

Pantone 17-4402

Shaded Spruce

HEX: #005960

Pantone 19-4524

Golden Lime

HEX: #9C9A40

Pantone 16-0543


HEX: #4F84C4

Pantone 17-4041

Autumn Maple

HEX: #D2691E

Pantone 17-1145


The Fashion Color libraries can be downloaded from:

W3.CSS Fashion Colors