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with Template Tag


Create a variable in the template, and use it:

{% with firstname="Stalikken" %}
  <h1>Hello {{ firstname }}</h1>
{% endwith %}
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Definition and Usage

The with tag is used to create variables in Django templates.

This can be useful when you need to ask for the same variable many times, like in a loop:


Use the with tag to get the length of fruits only one time:

{% with myvar=fruits|length %}
  {% for x in fruits %}
    <p>{{ x }} is one of {{ myvar }} fruits.</p>
  {% endfor %}
{% endwith %}
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{% with var1=val1 var2=val2 var3=val3 etc. %}
{% endwith %}


Value Description
var1=val1 var2=val2 var3=val3 etc. Required. Declaring variable(s) and their value(s).