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Google Sheets SUM Function

SUM Function

The SUM function is a premade function in Google Sheets, which adds up numbers in a range.

It is typed =SUMand gets a list of cells:

=STDEV.S(value1, [value2, ...])

You can select cells one by one, but also ranges, or even multiple ranges.

Note: The =SUM function adds up both negative and positive cell values.

Let's see some examples!

Sum Function Example

Calculate the sum of all the Total stats for this list of Pokemon:

Copy Values

The SUMSUM function, step by step:

  1. Select the cell B12
  2. Type =SUM
  3. Click the SUM command

  1. Specify the range B2:B10 for the Total stats
  2. Hit enter

Now, the function calculates the sum of Total stats for the Pokemon in the list:

Great job! You have successfully calculated the sum of the stats using the =SUM function. The Pokemon's stats have a total sum of 3092.

Let's change one of the values in the range, to see what happens. Type 350 into cell B7:

Rattata total stats was changed from 253 to 350.

The SUM function updated the total sum from 3092 to 3189.

It updates the SUM when values inside of the range are changed.

Lets change Rattata's stats to a negative number to see what happens. Type -350 into cell B7:

The SUM is updated to 2489. Adding a negative number subtracts that value from the range.