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Pandas DataFrame isin() Method

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Check which cells in the DataFrame that contains either the value 50 or the value 40:

import pandas as pd

data = {
  "name": ["Sally", "Mary", "John"],
  "age": [50, 40, 30]

df = pd.DataFrame(data)

print(df.isin([50, 40]))
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Definition and Usage

The isin() method checks if the Dataframe contains the specified value(s).

It returns a DataFrame similar to the original DataFrame, but the original values have been replaced with True if the value was one of the specified values, otherwise False.




Parameter Description
values  Required. The values to check if is in the DataFrame.

It can be a list:

df.isin([50, 30])

It can be a Dictionary:

df.isin({'age': [50, 30]})

It can be a Series:

values = pd.Series({"age": 50, "age": 40})

It can be a DataFrame:

values = pd.DataFrame({'age': [50], 'name': ['Sally']})

Return Value

A DataFrame with the selected result, or a Series if the result only contains one row.

❮ DataFrame Reference