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Pandas DataFrame xs() Method

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Return the data where the car is a Ford

import pandas as pd

data = {
  'weight': [929, 1109, 1112, 1119, 1328, 1584, 1415, 1235],
  'co2': [95, 90, 99, 104, 105, 94, 99, 104],
  'model': ['Citigo', 'Fabia', 'Fiesta', 'Rapid', 'Focus', 'Mondeo', 'Octavia', 'B-Max'],
  'car': ['Skoda', 'Skoda', 'Ford', 'Skoda', 'Ford', 'Ford', 'Skoda', 'Ford']

df = pd.DataFrame(data)
df = df.set_index(['car', 'model'])

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Definition and Usage

The xs() method returns a specified section of the DataFrame.


dataframe.xs(key, axis, level, drop_level)


Some parameters are keyword arguments.

Parameter Value Description
key    Required. The label of the row you want to return. Use a tuple of labels to return more than one label

axis number/index Optional. Default 0. The axis to you want to return
level label/position Optional. Default 1. The level you want to return
drop_level True|False Optional. Default True. Specifies whether to return objects of same level as itself or not

Return Value

A DataFrame with the selected result, or a Series if the result only contains one row.

❮ DataFrame Reference