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SciPy Getting Started

Installation of SciPy

If you have Python and PIP already installed on a system, then installation of SciPy is very easy.

Install it using this command:

C:\Users\Your Name>pip install scipy

If this command fails, then use a Python distribution that already has SciPy installed like, Anaconda, Spyder etc.

Import SciPy

Once SciPy is installed, import the SciPy module(s) you want to use in your applications by adding the from scipy import module statement:

from scipy import constants

Now we have imported the constants module from SciPy, and the application is ready to use it:


How many cubic meters are in one liter:

from scipy import constants

Try it Yourself »

constants: SciPy offers a set of mathematical constants, one of them is liter which returns 1 liter as cubic meters.

You will learn more about constants in the next chapter.

Checking SciPy Version

The version string is stored under the __version__ attribute.


import scipy

Try it Yourself »

Note: two underscore characters are used in __version__.